About Us + Policies

Welcome to thrïvwear!

We are empowered women who used their time during the pandemic to empower people through clothing. Living in a remote world it became easy to wear the same outfit......everyday. I learned in college that dressing your best made you feel your best! But with thrïvwear you can have the comfort with style! Outfits inspired by sofa to streetwear to promote comfort with a twist. 



Do we offer returns? 

We do! However you will only receive store credit. 

Do we offer exchanges?

We offer exchanges if we have the product size in stock.

What’s the procedure for returns or exchanges?

email connect@thriv.shop for more information 

Is there a limited time frame for returns or exchanges?

There is a 30 day exchange and return policy to receive credit for a return. However the product cannot be worn other than trying on the product itself.